Mt Kenya is Mt Zion

 Mt Kenya is Mt Zion

Mt Zion is mentioned many times in the ancient texts, such is its importance to the Most High and to the future of ‘Zion’ a term also used interchangeably for his land, his people and his holy mountain.

It seems that we can no longer ignore the importance of mountains and rivers that can be found in Africa or the ancient Near East because they guide us to irrefutable truths relating to divine geography, the geographical area reserved by God for himself, and the dangers of dividing or possessing that land which has incited his wrath upon many nations today.

In fact, it is not until we discover where Zion is…and who Zion is…that we are able to accurately interpret end time prophecy.

For those who have watched my videos it may be that the knowledge that the Most High abides in a geographical area on earth has begun to sink in. It is too much to absorb for some but it is true. History and Geography are the most powerful tools in uncovering the mysteries of the Kingdom, and the first aspect of this truth that we must accept and adopt is that those mysteries are given to Jacob first. The Messiah told his disciples:

“Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.” Matt 13:11

I think we can safely say that those mysteries are slowly being unraveled.  So those who love to feed upon the words of the nations are not only unwise, [because the word is wisdom], but they will be led astray.  In the 21st century, it is among the tribe of Jacob, that the Daniel’s and Josephs of this world are to be found; but we must exercise a discerning spirit and recognize the truth when we hear it, and that comes from studying the word.

There are many important prophecies surrounding Zion the location, the people and the physical mountain that we should be aware of if we are to decode end time prophecy.

Watch the video here.

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  1. Finally the truth is out. I was so impressed when i watched the video, at least i came to realize that the truth can not be kept hidden forever. The echoes of the ancient truth which belong to our fore fathers That were given by the Almighty, though stripped away by foreigners during colonial times and replaced with there Babylonian way. Those echoes can still be herd…… thanks a lot for that shred of evidence. May Almighty endow you With more wisdom, as we know He is the only Divine truth & full of wisdom.

  2. Another imperative thing i would like to mention is that Almighty is enabling us to restore the roots of our ways and on every December 27 we welcome the entire world for the Annual Priglimage on mt Kenya (MT. KIRINYAGA)