Histories of a Hidden Nation

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Dihyah - Hidden Israelite Queen

Known variously as; Damya, Daya and Dihya; western and Arab historians would prefer if we never knew she existed, or her skill as a Hebrew Queen and military leader...  

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The Hebrew Kingdom of Judah 

“The Europeans have designated by various names of Fida, Hwedah, Whydah, Ouida: the region ancient authors called Juda” the inhabitants were called...

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 Second Exodus or Rapture?

Another clear indication of a Second Exodus is an interesting discourse between Moses and the Almighty in the Book of Jubilees. God tells Moses that the children of Jacob will sin and be given into...

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12th Century King of Kings

Could it be true that a 12th century King of Kings known as King David ruled from East Africa.... I, John, priest by the almighty power of God and the might of our Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords...

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Visit our Map Gallery 

This gallery of Maps of Africa dating back to the 16th century, paint a compelling picture of the origins of many of its inhabitants.



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