Download High Resolution Printable Maps of Juda.


    "Seeing is Believing"


  • 2x 1747 maps of Juda
  • 2x 1777 maps of the Slave Coast
  • 1x map River Ephrates in Abomey, Juda

 PDF File

Buy high resolution maps of  the Kingdom of Juda.  You can frame them, because "seeing is believing" 

If people refuse to believe that the biblical Juda is located in Africa, these colonial maps charted by the British and French should change their minds. 

These maps were the result of the Scramble for Africa which had culminated in the invasion, occupation, division, and colonisation of African territory by Europeans between 1881 and 1914.

These high resolution maps can be printed and framed as an example to our children and those who are in search of their heritage.

Check out the Promise2bless Channel on Youtube for more maps of biblical lands in Africa.