Angels – The Mighty and the Fallen Pt 3

Angels -The Mighty and the Fallen Pt 3

By P Henry

When Ron finally stumbled upon the Ark of the Covenant he found it guarded by four angels. [Watch video below from 40.35]  Because they looked like men, Ron who had travelled from the US asked them what they were doing there.  I am making the assumption that because of his attitude he was immediately struck dumb.

Ron soon realized that he was talking to angels who had guarded the ark since the time of Moses, and which now had the blood of the Messiah upon the Mercy Seat. 

Christianity has taught us that everything is spiritual.  The Garden of Eden was taken from the earth, the Ark of the Covenant was caught up, and angels are invisible, none of which has any Biblical foundation.  When we begin to recognize that angels are indeed operating in the earth both good and bad, the Bible is brought from a spiritual plane down to earthly reality.

My personal encounter with angels was much like Ron’s in that they looked like ordinary people.  Two were black and one white. It seems that Satan had decided that I was to die on that day, and from the moment I had arrived at the car park at my place of work, these angels accompanied me at different times until the danger was over.  One watched over me as I waited to park my car.  As soon as I left the car park, another accompanied me and talked with me until I reached the door of my building.

Then when I had to leave the building unusually at 11 am, the angel who had escorted me to work was waiting at the door.  As I walked to my destination he talked with me and did not leave my side until I was about to cross a busy road.  Then suddenly he left, and another woman stood next to me and began talking to me.  All were complete strangers.

As this woman and I stepped out to cross the road, a car came around the corner at what must have been about 50-60 mph, and this woman who looked at least 80yrs old ran across the road faster than I did at the age of 33yrs. As I walked to my final destination she continued to talk incessantly until I reached my destination then she said goodbye and went on her way then suddenly I realized that they had been angels, so I turned to look for this 80 yr old woman but she was gone within seconds.

It was then that I realized that the car was meant to kill me that day, and God’ angels had been sent to intervene. 

The angels of the Most High are at work in the world today, indeed they are gathered around the various celestial gates in Africa, and the surrounding biblical lands, where they are poised and ready to act when the day of redemption comes.

Some angels will assist in the protection of Jacob as they move from various geographical locations to the wilderness, while others  will be responsible for releasing the judgements of God in the earth. Chief among them is the archangel Micheal who commands the armies of the Most High.




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