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The conflict in Ukraine what Jacob needs to Know

Without delving into the complexities of the conflict in Ukraine this article will shed light upon an important aspect of Russia’s “Special Operations” – the de-Nazification of the Ukrainian military.    

Mount Kenya is Mount Zion

Mount Kenya is Mount Zion For the LORD hath chosen Zion; he hath desired it for his habitation (Psalms 132:13) The realisation that Mount Kenya is the biblical Mount Zion and that the Most...

The Kingdom of Judah in West Africa

The Kingdom of Judah in West Africa by P Henry The discovery of the 1747 map of the kingdom of Juda in West Africa in 2012 has caused quite a sensation.  With the exception...

Second Exodus or Rapture?

Will there be a Second Exodus? “Prince of Egypt”  By P Henry Will there be a second Exodus? Most theologians agree that the prophecy given to Abraham; that his seed through Isaac would remain...

Letter of King David 1165

” In the three Indies our Magnificence rules, and our land extends beyond India, where rests the body of the holy apostle Thomas [Judas the Twin]; it reaches towards the sunrise over the wastes,”